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Simplify your life- be a Fraktkompaniet customer

We have an online booking system both for warehouse and transport booking. In our warehouse system you can amoung other things get a pre-copy of your pack order, see what has been packed, and see a stock balance for each item.

Our IT and work system is easy to use, saves you time, and puts you in control. Some features are:

Quick and easy booking system

Via our online booking system you can transport quickly and easily. Price calculation, booking status and an overview of previous bookings are also at hand. If you are not yet a Fraktkompaniet customer we can provide you with a temporary log-in so you can see how the system works in practice.

And of course, you're welcome to call us, book or send enquiries by email:

Gothenburg: boka [dot] got [at] fraktkompaniet [dot] se
Stockholm: boka [dot] sto [at] fraktkompaniet [dot] se
Price enquiries: pris [at] fraktkompaniet [dot] se

Checking stock balances

When you use our warehouse service you have constant access to information on what you have in stock. Through our warehouse website you have control of what's on the shelf. You can also see delivery dates.

Do you make more than one booking a day?
Simplify you life with EDI!

Irrespective of whether you book, pick and pack, or transport goods, you have access to our EDI solution. You can send pack orders and transportation request electronically, and you get an automatic answer with price information. This keeps things simple fot both you and us. Call us and we can tell you more.